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Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets - Season 1: Episodes 1 – 10 - Disney

Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets - Season 1: Episodes 1 – 10 - Disney
Xem phim hoạt hình - Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets - Season 1: Episodes 1 – 10 - Disney.
Season One, 10 episodes of #WhiskerHavenTales.

Welcome to Whisker Haven:
Treasure, the adorable kitten of Princess Ariel makes her first journey to Whisker Haven to help Pumpkin and the other Palace Pets when the bubble bath overflows into the ballroom.

The Knight Night Guard:
Sultan and Treasure try to prove who is the bravest knight in Whisker Haven. After a series of tests, the Palace Pets ask Pumpkin to judge who should be named to the Whisker Haven Knight Night Guard.

The annual Cake-tillion celebration is about to begin in Whisker Haven! But where is Lily with all of the whisker cakes? The Palace Pets must find her in the woods before the sweetest day of the year!

Throwing A Ball:
Pumpkin is throwing the most grand ball that Whisker Haven has ever seen, and the Palace Pets are here to help! But can she get the palace ready in time for the celebration?

Dreamy-ful Birtay:
Berry, Pumpkin, and Treasure are preparing a birtay party surprise for Dreamy! While Berry is busy making the cake, Pumpkin and Treasure argue about what kind of party to throw for their sleepy kitten friend.

The Cookie Boogie:
Berrys special sugar kitten cookies come to life and start to boogie! Now its up to the Palace Pets to stop the cookies before they wreck havoc on Pumpkins dance recital!

Harvest Haven:
Its the annual Harvest Haven, and the pets gather biscuit bones for the Feast in Whisker Woods. But during the festivities, Petite gets lost and the Palace Pets must find her!

Hat’s A Wrap:
It’s the Whisker Haven Derby, and one of the Palace Pets is chosen as the Royal Derby Starter. Pumpkin creates a hat perfect for the occasion, but Treasure is not so sure about Pumpkin’s derby day decisions.

Flying High Tea:
A tea party goes mad when it is accidentally held on a magical flying carpet! But with the help of Sultan, the pets finish their tea party soaring over the clouds of Whisker Haven.

Tutu Terrific:
The Palace Pets are throwing a royal picnic in the TuTu Flower Fields, and Dreamy, Pumpkin, and Berry help their friend Petite by making her a special new tutu.

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