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Twelve Months (Mori wa Ikiteiru)

Twelve Months (Mori wa Ikiteiru)
Xem phim hoạt hình - Twelve Months (Mori wa Ikiteiru).
When a spoiled queen decides that she wants a bouquet of spring flowers in the middle of winter and offers a generous reward, a kind-hearted girl is sent into the snowy woods to look for the flowers by her greedy stepmother and two selfish stepsisters. Miraculously, the spirits of the Twelve Months intercede to help the girl, locally altering the seasons to help her complete her task. But when the girl returns with the bouquet, everyone demands to know the secret of the miracle, which she has promised not to divulge.
Tags: Twelve Months, Mori wa Ikiteiru, Sekai Meisaku Dōw, #phimhoathinh

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