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Phu nhân và kẻ lang thang - Lady and The Tramp

леди и бродяга

Xem phim hoat hinh леди и бродяга 

The plot of the cartoon "Lady and the Vagabond" tells a fascinating story of friendship, devotion and love of two completely different dogs belonging to different worlds. On one fine winter morning, a small American Cocker Spaniel puppy gets into a rich house to loving and caring owners who call her Lady. The life of the Lady is simply beautiful, she does not need anything and is the favorite of her masters, but with the birth of the child she began to feel superfluous, because all the hosts switched their attention to the baby. After the Lady has dressed the muzzle, she decides to flee. However, the street is fraught with many dangers that the domestic Lady did not even suspect. Fortunately, she came to the aid of a mischievous and cheerful dog-mongrel named Rogue. Simple, but kind and very nice Rogue becomes her friend, and soon conquers the heart of the beauty of the Lady.
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