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PJ Masks Episodes Compilation #2

PJ Masks  Episodes Compilation #2 2016 | Kids Cartoon World   English
Xem phim hoạt hình - PJ Masks Episodes Compilation #2 2016 | Kids Cartoon World English.
PJ Masks Episodes Compilation #2 2016, Kids Cartoon World.

Gekko and the Super Ninjalinos
Owlettes Terrible Pterodactyl Trouble
Catboy and the Shrinker
Owlette and the Moon-Ball

To Watch more PJ Masks Episodes, Peppa Pig Episodes and many more animation cartoons for kids in Us in the city, and a brave band of heroes is ready to face fiendish villains to stop them messing with your day!
Amaya becomes: Owlette!
Greg becomes: Gekko!
Connor becomes: Catboy!
The PJ Masks!
Three 6 years old kids Connor, Greg and Amaya who are normal kids by day. At night when the city is asleep, they activate their bracelets, which into their pajamas and magically transform them into super heroes:
The PJ Masks.
Catboy (Connor) - Super Cat Jump, Super Cat Speed and Super Cat Hearing,
Gekko (Greg) - Super Gekko Camouflage, Super Gekko Muscles, Super Lizard Grip and Super Lizard Water Run and
Owlette (Amaya) - Super Owl Eyes, Super Owl Wings and Owl Wing Wind.
Together on their vehicles Cat Car, Gekko-Mobile and Owl-Glider, these three superhero kids go on adventures, solve mysteries, and fight Super Nighttime Villains Romeo, Night Ninja, Luna Girl and Firefly.
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